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Here you will find independent and unbiased research with a focus on desktop virtualization, data center and cloud technologies. 

The goal of the ProjectVRC.team community is to find new and validate best practices, make unbiased comparisons and perform independent market research. With this information, you will be able to make better informed choices and save time, costs and frustration. Expect to find white papers and blogs with technical deep dives, best practice analysis, product comparisons and community surveys.  

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Why Web Browsing is Killing VDI Performance and Costing You Big $$$!

Written by Project VRC on .

Internet Explorer 10 logo.svg Which application in your enterprise uses the most resources on your VDI or RDS systems?  Is it something like AutoCAD, Photoshop, Visio, PowerPoint, or HD Video? These are often the applications that VDI architects and engineers worry about the most.  Sure, these applications can have a large footprint and you certainly need to size for them; however, the biggest resource pig that we often overlook is a common tool that is taken for granted; the web browser.

A new era and a new publications for Project VRC!

Written by Project VRC on .

ProjectVRC Logo FinalStarting today, ProjectVRC.team (in short: TeamVRC) has now evolved in to a community driven successor to ‘Project Virtual Reality Check’, originally initiated by Ruben Spruijt and Jeroen van de Kamp.

As a result, everyone can become a ProjectVRC.team Contributor with their own research. As long as the research topic is interesting and practically feasible, everyone can apply to publish content under ProjectVRC.team platform. Of course all ideas for publication suggestions must be verifiable, replicable, unbiased and independent. Expect an blog post soon that explains a bit more how this works in practice.

ProjectVRC.team is started with two new publications... 

First, we are proud to announce a blog by Dan Allen & Nicholas Rintalan: on the topic of Web Browsing impact in VDI and SBC environments. In practice, this is often underestimated and regular browsing can have a huge impact on your server capacity.

Windows 10 LogoSecondly, a new paper is available. This paper is a first analysis of how Windows 10 performs in VDI and how it compares to Windows 7. It will most definably not be the last publication on this topic. We, the VDI community, are still learning. And ProjectVRC.team hopes that this paper kick starts the conversation on how we should optimize Windows 10 for the best user experience and scalability.

We look forward to expand the ProjectVRC.team community and release many more insightful publications!

Enjoy reading!

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